Spend less time listing, and more time selling.

As former resellers, we know the pain of listing used clothing online. That's why we built something that we wish we had years ago - your Resale Virtual Assistant. 


Our Focus is Your Growth 

Here are some of the non-product features that we offer to help our customers experience maximum success.

Easy Integrations

From Shopify, to eBay, to Go Daddy, our tech easily maps to your online store platform so that you can Bulk Import and go on with your day.

Resale Focused

Existing product tagging companies train their AI models with data from retail brands. We believe resale is fundamentally different, and have trained our models on images from our thrift store partners to ensure maximum accuracy of predictions.

Customization Heavy

From creating custom tags based on your needs, to translating everything into a different language, we're all hands on deck for all the customization you need to make your listings reflect your store.

Keep Your Flow

We don't want to change your workflow - we want to optimize it. We will work within your current photography/listing process to automate as much as possible and help you get more items sold online in less time.

On Call

We know reselling is an around-the-clock job. We offer 24/7 support and have Slack/WhatsApp Channels for every customer set up for easy contact.

External Partners

Want to make sure your listings are on not only your store, but external marketplaces? We've got a partner for that.


See the Numbers

  • Save Time

  • List More

  • Better Products

Our customers see an 80% reduction in the time it takes to generate one listing. 

From an average end-to-end listing time of 5 minutes/item to 1 minute. 

We enable you to list 4x more items in the same time. 

Most thrift businesses are not supply constrained - just time constrained. We unlock that barrier. 

We enhance the number of product details by an average of 110%.

More detailed products, higher chances your customers can find what they're searching for. 


Need clarification?

What do you need to generate the listings?

Just two pictures! That allows our tech to extract all the information it needs - but you're welcome to snap as many pictures as you'd like. 

What devices can photographers take pictures on?

Any device - whether its a DSLR or a mobile phone!

For the easiest upload possible, we have a mobile app that allows you/your photographers to snap garment photos and instantaneously submit them to our software. 

What are the plans?

We charge per item based on subscription tiers. 

During our initial call, we'll chat about your expected volume and what subscription tier that would put you on. 

How do you predict the garment measurements!?

Schedule a demo and we'll show you ;)