Increase buyer discoverability, reduce seller friction. 

81% of marketplace browsers would sell on a platform if creating a listing was truly as easy as taking a picture. 1

Our technology turns passive browsers into buyers and sellers. 


Build a Better Marketplace

Here are some of the non-product features that we offer to help our customers experience maximum success.

Resale Focused

Existing product tagging companies train their AI models with data from retail brands. We believe resale is fundamentally different, and have trained our models on images from our thrift store partners to ensure maximum accuracy of predictions.

Integrate in a Day

Crystal clear documentation and instructions make our API painless to integrate with.

Engineering Partners

Your team will have access to a dedicated Solutions Architect to help your dev team through integration and troubleshooting.

1. According to internal In the Loop survey. 

See the Numbers

  • Attract Sellers

  • Aid Discovery

  • Save Money

Attract sellers with a frictionless listing process. 

From an average end-to-end listing time of 5 minutes/item to less than a minute. 

We enhance the number of product details by an average of 110%.

Make sure your customers are finding what they are searching for. 

Don't distract your engineers. 

No need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in talent and time. We've already done the work for you!


Need clarification?

What is the input necessary for the API?

Just two pictures! That allows our tech to extract all the information it needs. 

What are the plans?

We charge per item based on subscription tiers. 

During our initial call, we'll chat about your expected volume and what subscription tier that would put you on. 

How do you predict the garment measurements!?

Schedule a demo and we'll show you ;)