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Best Side Hustles 2023 - Reselling

by Zahra on
What defines a great side hustle?

We believe a great side hustle is defined by its ability to generate income while you manage your other commitments, offering a supplementary revenue stream without making you feel like you are in a constant work mode.

A reseller side hustle checks all these boxes. 

How Much do Resellers Make?

The earnings of resellers vary significantly based on a variety of elements. Individuals have reported earnings ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.


Some resellers focus on specific niches, capitalizing on their expertise in areas like vintage clothing, sneakers, electronics, or collectibles. Effective pricing strategies, a keen eye for valuable items, and adept marketing techniques contribute to the success of high-earning resellers.


Ultimately, the income potential is determined by the quality and volume of your offerings, the demand for those items, and your ability to reach your target audience effectively.


How to become a clothing reseller

The online market offers opportunities to sell virtually anything. Whether your interest lies in beanie babies or contemporary streetwear, there's a space for you.


However, one of the most expansive markets is clothing resale, given its universal appeal (except for dedicated n*dists). This guide will focus on establishing yourself as an online clothing reseller.

1. Sourcing used clothes

Given the surplus of used garments within the global system, your options for sourcing secondhand clothing are incredibly diverse. Traditional avenues like thrift stores are just the beginning—innovative options include connecting directly with brands to acquire surplus inventory.


Among these, my personal favorite is sourcing from the Goodwill Bins—a treasure trove of hidden gems for the intrepid reseller. Be warned, though, this isn't for the faint-hearted.


I recall a particular instance where I stumbled upon a discarded chicken wing in a Goodwill Bin. Yet, on the same day, I unearthed a vintage Nike Bomber Jacket, a find that yielded a resale value 14900% higher than its acquisition cost.


2. Listing Used clothes

Once you've amassed a collection of valuable secondhand garments, it's time to showcase them to the world.


Creating listings for secondhand garments can be a time-intensive process, but the effort you invest in crafting accurate and information-rich descriptions is integral to achieving a high sell-through rate.


The process involves arranging items, capturing compelling photographs, providing precise measurements, setting competitive prices (and doing the research that informs this), crafting engaging narratives, and optimizing image tags for each marketplace or e-commerce platform you intend to use.


According to our research, the end-to-end time it takes to create a secondhand listing can range from three minutes to upwards of thirty… WOW.


Our frustrations with this process is why we built In the Loop. Our AI powered resale technology creates a detail rich e-commerce listing with only a picture of a garment - so you can focus more on sourcing and selling, not listing. 

Learn more about automating your resale business👇🏽